Job Descriptions


Acts as an advisory member of the Board. The spouse of the Commander JFC HQ Brunssum, or a suitable alternative, is invited to become the President of the IC. While the incumbents of these positions do not need to be the spouse of a senior officer, they need to be willing and able to act as a positive conduit between the Club and the Headquarters and provide positive Public Relations for the Club. Has no voting rights.




Charity Coordinator

Membership Coordinator

Responsible for keeping an up to date, annual club membership list, admitting new members at Coffee Mornings, and liaising with delegates to maintain the Membership Directory. Responsible for admitting current club members to the club’s annual Facebook page and accepting new members to the page. The Membership Coordinator is responsible for maintaining the club’s individual member name badges. Has no voting rights

Activity Coordinator

Publicity Coordinator

Travel Coordinator

Childcare Coordinator

IT Coordinator

Maintains website for the club and the related IT work on the site. To maintain the administration role of the Facebook Page as well as the Facebook group for the club. To assist the creation of the presentations, forms, flyers done by the various coordinators and delegates.

National Delegate

To take on a position, we ask you to be able to attend the monthly board meeting. Meetings are always a Tuesday: usually the first Tuesday of the month.


The Function of the job is to help and substitute the main person of the position when it is needed. Deputy usually takes over the position of the main person if she/he is leaving.

Member of the Charity Team

Participates in Charity Team meetings. Helps to organize charity events.