Virtual Culture Tour - Poland

Our December Culture & Coffee Morning is cancelled due to Covid, so this year You won't be able to try our polish specialities like dumplings or poppy seeds cakes, but we could offer You much more if You only could; come and visit!

From freshly prepared fishes in northern regions, through potatoes in a million variations on the east side, delicious fruits (apples, sour cherries, or plums) in middle Poland, Saint Martin's croissants and other delicious pastry, and the beer selection on the west side (lands with fertile soil or as we often call them "wheat lands") and last but not least famous sheep cheeses in the mountains regions.

If You like adventures, we offer the deepest diving pool in Europe (second in the world after Dubai) or one of the ten biggest water parks in the world (Mszczonow). As for the mass sports we are also very fond of street sports like running or biking so You can easily join us and share the fun.

Are You a music lover? Try the International Chopin Piano Competition. Jazz? You will love Warsaw during August and if You prefer modern music on the big scale Open'er Festival in Gdynia is just for You.

We are Pols, which literally means people from the land of fields, but we have much more to offer: seashore, mountains, old forests and lakes, and even one desert!

For now, we invite You on a virtual journey. Enjoy!

Polish Delegation

P.S. We have a Christmas surprise for You - watch the video below. Polish spouse community prepared for you Special Christmas Lottery. Many gifts are waiting! Our cute Santa drew the lucky numbers. Please check your membership number for this year!

The winners (nr 257, 288, 67, 49, 284, and the main prize 283) are kindly asked to collect the prizes at the office of the Polish Delegation.